Marquita Bradshaw was born in 1978. She is currently running to replace retiring Senator Lamar Alexander in the race for Tennessee’s Senate seat.

Marquita Bradshaw is an organizer, environmental and social justice advocate and first time candidate for the United State Senate. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Bradshaw attended the University of Memphis for undergraduate studies. She has worked for nonprofits and community advocacy groups, environmental organizations and unions, including the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center, the AFL-CIO, the Sierra Club and Tennesseans for Fair Taxation.

Bradshaw has not held any public office before. She is the first black woman to be nominated for the Senate by a major party in Tennessee.

The Democratic primary in Tennessee took place on August 6, 2020. Bradshaw won a crowded primary with about 35.5% of the vote.

Marquita Bradshaw does not have a record and public positions on issues important to the Jewish community. This page will be updated once Ms. Bradshaw presents her positions.

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