Mark Ronchetti was born in 1973. He is running to replace retiring Senator Tom Udall in the race for New Mexico’s Senate seat.

Ronchetti served as the chief meteorologist for KQRE, Albuquerque’s CBS-affiliated news station. After graduating from Washington State University in 1996, Ronchetti worked for a short period of time at a television station in Colorado, before moving to New Mexico.

Ronchetti became a certified meteorologist and went on to become the chief meteorologist for KQRE. He was in that position from 2006 until 2020 when he stepped down from his down and entered the race to represent New Mexico in the U.S. Senate. He has not held any elected public office before.

The Republican primary in New Mexico took place on June 2, 2020. Ronchetti won the primary with 56.5% of the vote.

Mark Ronchetti does not have a record and public positions on issues important to the Jewish community. This page will be updated once Mr. Ronchetti presents his positions.

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