Amy McGrath was born in 1975. She is challenging Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in the race for the Kentucky Senate seat.

Amy McGrath served in the Marines for 20 years. During these years she completed multiple combat deployments, and flew 89 combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, targeting al-Qaida and the Taliban. In 2002, as a weapons systems officer, Amy became the first woman in the Marine Corps to fly a combat mission in an F/A-18.

After her operational flying tours, McGrath served as a Congressional Fellow advising a Representative Susan Davis, a senior member of the U.S. House of Representatives Armed Services Committee, on defense and foreign policy. Subsequently, she served in the Pentagon as Marine Corps’ liaison to the State Department and other federal agencies. McGrath was the Democratic nominee for Kentucky’s 6th congressional district in the 2018 election, losing to incumbent Republican Andy Barr in a very close general election.

The Democratic primary in Kentucky took place on June 23, 2020. McGrath won the primary with about 45% of the vote.

Below is Amy McGrath’s record and public positions on issues important to the Jewish community.

McGrath supports rejoining the nuclear deal with Iran, highlighting however the need for “negotiations with Iran that would lead to an improved JCPOA, perhaps one with indefinite time duration, rather than the 8-10 years the Obama team negotiated for most of the 2015 deal’s provisions.” She considers Iran to be “the largest destabilizing influence in the Middle East today.”

Amy McGrath supports the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and considers it “fundamental to Israel’s security.” She has called for direct negotiations between the parties, and supports the involvement of the United States in peace efforts.

McGrath has called continued security of Israel and its people as “essential” and in the interest of the United States.

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