Allen Waters was born in 1956. He is challenging Senator Jack Reed in the race for Rhode Island’s Senate seat.

Waters is an investment consultant. He left Rhode Island in 2003 when he was promoted to manage  Charles Schwab branch in Baltimore. Later on, he moved to Mashpee, Massachusetts where we worked for various firm. Prior to moving back to Rhode Island and launch a bid to challenge Senator Reed, Waters announced his candidacy in Massachusetts, where he aimed to challenge Senator Ed Markey.

In 2017, while still a resident in Massachusetts, Waters announced that he would seek the Republican nomination to challenge incumbent Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren. He withdrew from the election before the scheduled primary.

The Republican primary in Rhode Island is scheduled for September 8, however the filing deadline was on June 24, 2020. Waters is unopposed in the Republican primary.

Below is Allen Waters’ record and public positions on issues important to the Jewish community.

Waters opposed UN Security Council Resolution 2334, which stated that Israel’s settlements have no legal validity. During his short-lived bid against Senator Elizabeth Warren in 2017, he stated that he was “pro-Israel” and that he strongly condemned the United Nations Security Council vote. At the time, he criticized Senator Warren for not taking a stand against the UN resolution.

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