Why we are getting involved

The American Jewish Congress seeks to provide information to voters to ensure they make informed decisions about who to send to Washington.

The American Jewish Congress is dedicated to providing Americans with information on issues important to the Jewish community. This website is a resource for voters that allows them to understand where federal candidates and elected officials stand on the key issues of the Jewish community and Israel. The American Jewish Congress does not offer endorsements, but aims only to provide an educational tool for the voters.

The American Jewish Congress is dedicated to fighting for the Jewish community. Part of our mission is to work with elected officials, diplomats, and political influencers to:

  • Protect the Rights of the Jewish Community
  • Fight Anti-Semitism
  • Strengthen U.S.-Israel Relations
  • Counter the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement

Jack Rosen, President of American Jewish Congress, on why we are getting involved:

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